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Jewellery Materials & Care

Here at Indah Jewellery we only use the very best materials to create our pieces.

High quality stainless steel which is known for its longevity and endurance, is our base material in the majority of our products. We use double coats of 18k gold to plate our jewellery. Our jewellery is both waterproof and tarnish resistant. It is also hypoallergenic.

Our jewellery is made to last forever. However, it is only through small steps of love and care that this can happen. So here are a few things that you can do to keep your jewellery staying perfect forever:

  • Keep them away from moisture. Remove all your jewellery before entering water.
  • Remove jewellery before sleeping.
  • Allow lotions and perfumes to dry fully before wearing jewellery.
  • Always store in a closed jewellery bag or box.
  • Remove all jewellery before doing any exercise. 

Important reminder: Many of our pieces include verses from the Qur'an, or the names of Allah. Please either remove the jewellery, or fully cover them with your clothing before entering the bathroom.